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Elevator / lift cars

Fold down seats in elevator / lift cars

In case of new construction, modification or retrofitting:
The durable fold down seats of KLAPPSITZ.de are perfectly suited as a sitting possibility in elevators.

They can be mounted onto or flush in built into the inner wall of the elevator and if desired can even be fitted with a cover plate that is in style of the elevator’s interior design. All in all, our seats are as variable as the possibilities of application – there are no limits to the variations and for many intended purposes we have already thought ahead to make them possible for our customers.

Affordable solution for modifications or retrofittings:
The retrofitting of fold down seats in elevators is usually very tricky. Often the elevators have no sufficiently stable underlying construction. But the good news is that we have developed mounting solutions and components for our folding seats which do not require to strengthen the walls in a cumbersome procedure.

Is there a defective or uncomfortable seat in the elevator cabin? We can offer replacement parts which are compatible to several other competitors and which can thus easily be switched.

If unobstructed access is required:
Especially with elevator seats the needs of persons with disabilities have to be considered given that they are primarily a means of transportation for them. That means if the elevator has to follow the guidelines for unobstructed access, meaning the requirement DIN EN-81-70 is to be followed, certain adjustments have to be made or kept in mind in the construction of elevator seats. Whether the desired seat is in accordance with these guidelines can be looked up in the product detail page.

As always, we are more than happy to offer comprehensive advice where the requirements concerning this guideline, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download

Please feel free to contact us. We would like to support you in the analysis and planning and finding your suitable product for a new elevator or for modifying of an older elevator.


Seats „Kompakt“ for new construction project

Seats „Kompakt“ for retrofitting and retooling

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